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Spotify Greenroom is a brand new app that allows you to stream live audio and compete with Clubhouse. It made its debut Wednesday. Both iOS and Android users will have access to the mobile app. Spotify Greenroom, which is the new Spotify app, is nothing other than the Locker app that was created by Betty Labs. Spotify acquired it in March.

Spotify Greenroom audio app: What’s it all about?

Spotify Greenroom can be compared to Clubhouse’s live audio rooms, where you can interact with artists. Spotify Greenroom is an app that was inspired by Locker Room. However, Spotify decided to ditch the orange-and-white colour scheme and replace it with its own green theme. The app allows Spotify users worldwide to host or join live audio rooms. You can record and turn these conversations into podcasts. Right now, audio programs can only be found by users who join the groups in the app.

It is very similar to c. You can find different topics such as comedy and NBA. In the near future, new programs will be available on entertainment and music. The program will also include sports content, which Locker Room is not able to provide.

Spotify has announced that Locker Room customers will soon see the updated Greenroom app after its launch.

Spotify said that the Greenroom will evolve over time as Spotify learns more about listeners and creators’ preferences for their audio experience.

Spotify also announced the Creator Fund, which will boost Spotify’s new audio app by providing more content in the future.

Spotify Greenroom: How can I download it and how do I use it?

The new Greenroom app can be downloaded via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Greenroom can be accessed by users who already have Spotify accounts.

According to the audio streaming service, users don’t need a Spotify account in order to use this app. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and users will receive a free account. You can find the app in over 135 countries around the world.

How do you start or join an Greenroom Room?

To create a Room, tap on the Create Room button at the bottom. Invite others and choose groups that you want to live in the Room. When a live room is created by a member of your group or someone you are following, notifications will be sent. Spotify prohibits explicit content and content that incite or glorify violence.