This is how to automatically delete unsolicited emails

If you are also one of those users who get annoyed when they see their full inbox and can’t muster up the courage to delete those useless emails selectively, there is no need to worry anymore. Today, we will tell you a trick by which you will be able to delete unnecessary emails in your inbox automatically.

In the era of technology and digital marketing, many promotional emails come daily in the personal email account, which does not have any special meaning. If these emails are not deleted on time, they even cross the thousand mark in a few days. Users usually do not delete such emails immediately, and the inbox is filled with such emails.

Here are a few simple steps through which you can automatically delete unwanted emails:

STEP1: First of all, you have to install ‘Email Studio’ in your Gmail account from email studio pro

STEP2: Let it install and follow the steps mentioned here.

STEP3: Go to the Gmail account and open any message in the inbox.

STEP4: Click on the Email Studio icon on the right side here.

STEP5: Login with your Gmail ID and Password.

STEP6: After login, tap on the ‘Email Cleanup’ option given in the list.

STEP7: Click on Add New Rule for the task you want to get done from Gmail.

STEP8: Here, you can mark a particular email ID as a new rule.

STEP9: With this process, you can give the command to Gmail to permanently delete all the emails received from a particular email ID within a month or week.

STEP10: After doing this, tap on the Save button. After this, Email Studio will be launched in the background.

STEP11: As soon as this happens, Gmail will automatically delete the messages from your selected email address, applying the rules set by you.