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Telegram is a well-known messaging app and introduced voice chat in December last year. The beta version has been released to enable voice chat scheduling, much like Clubhouse.

This feature has passed its testing phase and will be released in the final version. The voice chat function will be available in TestingCatalog 7.7.0, according to TestingCatalog. The scheduled voice chat can be pin to one channel with a countdown, which will make it visible for all users.

How does this function?

Voice chat allows you to schedule or set up meetings with colleagues. You can ensure everyone is on the same channel and does not get forgotten.

(Image: TestingCatalog)

This feature has been improved by Telegram since v7.6.0 was released. Now you can schedule voice chat for later use and it will be saved to your channel. All subscribers can see the countdown. This feature, according to the blog, is very useful as you don’t have any way to manually schedule voice chat.

What is the best way to activate voice chat?

Here’s how you can schedule a Telegram Voice Chat:

Update Telegram first to the latest beta version, v7.7.0.

– Create a Telegram channel you own.

– In Settings, click on the Channel icon.

– Tap on “Start voice chat”.

Choose the “Schedule voicechat option”

Next, select the start date and time.

The new feature is being tested by Telegram at the moment. Users can also change their name and description while they are in chat without leaving the channel. This feature was implemented because many chat users want to see other profiles. Moderators can identify users by changing their names.

Telegram found some intriguing patterns while stress-testing voice chats with beta testers. Many listeners looked at other profiles while listening to the speech. Blog stated that the voice chat host could use it to select speakers based on their profile description.”