This is how to withdraw EPF money with the UMANG app

Some part of the salary of almost all the people working in government and non-government sectors goes to PF. People use it after leaving their job or after retirement, and this money becomes useful in their needs.

Salaried employees in the country have an EPF account. Under this, a small part of the employees’ income keeps getting deducted, which is later given to the EPF account holder along with interest. This money is valuable when needed or after retirement. Every month, 1 percent of your salary is transferred to the PF account and gets deposited in the form of savings. The EPF account holder has a Universal Account Number (UAN), through which the account status can be checked.

However, you don’t need to take this money only after retirement. If required, you can withdraw this amount in the middle of the job. While earlier there were many complications to withdrawing this money, now people can withdraw money from PF account through UMANG mobile app sitting at home. Using the UMANG app is considered safe, and it is also simple.

STEP1: First, you have to link your Universal Account Number (UAN) and UMANG App with your Aadhaar Card.

STEP2: Open the app and click on New User

STEP3: After this, you will see the registration page on the screen. In which you enter your mobile number and click on ‘Next.’

STEP4: OTP will be received on your phone for mobile number verification. Enter it

STEP5: After this, enter your desired secure PIN (MPIN)

STEP6: After the registration process is complete, you create your profile. In which you have to fill in the information of name, mobile number, age

STEP7: Now, you search EPFO ​​in the app and apply new to withdraw your amount

STEP8: Fill the information regarding withdrawal of money at your convenience and submit the application

STEP9: If you have already applied to withdraw money, you can also know its latest status.

STEP10: Apart from this, you can also get information about the total amount deposited in your PF account through the app.