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WhatsApp released an update a few weeks ago that included support for Messenger Rooms. This update was introduced by Facebook due to growing interest in video calling apps. Messenger Rooms were created by Facebook to compete with Google Meet, Zoom. You can create your own room to enjoy video chats for free. Facebook allows you to add as many people as possible and there is no limit on the time that can be used.

This is the best thing about it. Anyone can join even if they don’t already have a Facebook profile. You can use the WhatsApp messaging app to create the link. WhatsApp Android users can access the shortcut to Messenger Rooms. The shortcut might have been missed by you while you were using WhatsApp Android. Your app may not be up to date.

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Update your Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp app. It will be under either the group chat or calls tab. The messaging app does not allow you to access this feature or share a room link. After pressing the shortcut you will be redirected directly to Continue reading to learn how you can create Messenger Rooms with WhatsApp.

How do you create Messenger Rooms with WhatsApp?

Step 1. Launch WhatsApp, and then tap the Calls section. You will find a button to make a video conference. You can also go to WhatsApp chats and tap on “Create A Room”.

Second Step: After creating a Room, a link is generated. Click on the “Send link to WhatsApp” button.

3rd Step: This will open the exact chat you used to tap on the WhatsApp calls section in order to access the Messenger Rooms shortcut. Once you have shared the link, tap it to join the room. After others have joined the room you can lock it with the “Lock Room” feature. You can find more information on the FAQ page of the company.


You’ll get a similar window when you create a new room using the Facebook mobile application. The screen will look similar to the desktop one and allow you to edit, delete, close, or join your room. The Messenger app will then open.

Messenger rooms make it simple to have quality time with your friends, family members and others who share your interests. You can create a chat room from Messenger, Facebook or any other platform and invite everyone to your call. 24 April 2020

Step 1. Scroll down to the end of chats. Step 2: Scroll down until you reach the end of the chats. Click on this section to go to step 2. This will take you to all hidden chats. Step 3: To see all the hidden chats again at the top, long-press any chat and then click the Archive button ( ).13 August 2021

Messenger Rooms allow you to chat with friends and family and share your interests. You can easily create groups of people by using the Messenger app, or opening the Messenger website on your web browser or mobile.

To create and share a link to a room on an Android phone, you can open WhatsApp, go to the Calls tab, then click Create a Room. 24 May 2020

You can call your family and friends using the Whatsapp Messenger Rooms feature. The Messenger app allows you to create and access rooms. Messenger rooms can support video chat with larger groups. 20-Aug-202020


WhatsApp now allows you to set up a chatroom for 50 users. The chat room can be created for up to 50 people and there is no limit on the time. This option is also available for Messenger and WhatsApp users. WhatsApp Android offers a shortcut to Messenger Rooms.