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Did you know that you can launch major functionalities on iPhone by just tapping on the rear panel? If not you should continue reading this article.

Apple brought this feature called Back Tap that can be of use in many ways. The Cupertino tech giant had put the feature under accessibility that enables launching certain actions on your phone by simply tapping the backside, for instance, opening the camera, taking a screenshot, or setting up a Siri shortcut.

The feature more of like turns the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone into a secret button. The feature, however, is switched off by default. The Back Tap was rolled out with iOS 14 and works on iPhone 8 and above. It uses the accelerometer to detect if you have tapped the rear side of your device. In case you want to use the secret button to activate functions on your iPhone, here’s how you can do it

How to take screenshots, launch camera, etc by simply tapping on your iPhone

Step 1: First open ‘Settings’ by tapping on the gear icon, you can find it on the home screen.

Step 2: Under ‘Settings’ search for ‘Accessibility.’

Step 3: Next up, tap on ‘Touch.’

Step 4: Scroll down until you find the ‘Back Tap’ option.

Step 5: Unde ‘Back Tap’ settings you get the option of choosing different actions and assigning to either two taps (Double tap) or three taps (Triple tap).

Step 6: Select from the standard options that you want to use as shortcuts which will then activate on double or triple tapping the Apple logo.

Step 7: Once it is set, just exit Settings.

That said, the standard options available under the Back Tap feature are as follows- Accessibility Shortcut, App Switcher, Control Centre, Home, Lock Screen, Mute, Notification Centre, Reachability, Screenshot, Shake, Siri Spotlight, Volume Down, Volume Up, Assistive Touch, Classic Invert, Magnifier, Smart Invert, Speak Screen, Voice Over, Zoom, Scroll Down, and Scroll Up. There are Siri and a bunch of other shortcuts as well at the bottom list of options like launching Shazam, creating GIFs, scanning QR codes and more. You can either select the standard options or pick from one of the shortcuts from the bottom list as per your preference.