Thor Love and Thunder first official teaser out: Watch video

Thor Love and Thunder teaser is finally out and it is everything that fans were expecting. The video confirms a long-standing rumour of a Jane Foster Thor: A female Thor who is worthy of lifting Thor’s old hammer: Mjolnir. The teaser is almost as substantial as a trailer.

The Thor Love and Thunder Marvel movie also got its launch date. The teaser has confirmed a launch date of July 2022. The trailer opens with Thor recovering from his mental and physical setback in Avengers: Infinity War. We get a stunning montage of his unique fat-to-fit workout.

For the first time, we also get a glimpse of Thor’s childhood in the Marvel film universe. Thor is seen looking for answers within and is apparently leaving the Super-hero life for peace.  We see Guardians of the Galaxy as well. In the teaser itself, it seems like Thor might go separate ways, at least for short period.

The teaser ends on the highest note. The leaked on-set images of a beefed-up  Natalie Portman had seemed to be doing rounds on the internet since last year. The theory is finally put to rest as Marvel has confirmed that we are indeed getting a Jane Foster Thor in the movie and she was not holding the Stormbreaker hammer but the shattered Mjolnir, pieced back by some divine intervention.

The first trailer gives us a good idea of the tone of the movie. The Thor Ragnarok humour will definitely find its way to Love and Thunder. There’s a Zeus-like character in the movie who seems like some kind of a parody of Thor or a Thor from a parallel universe. We sincerely hope Thor Love and Thunder will be a pleasant break from all the space-time mess up that began from the Loki series. However, do expect a ripple effect of the actions seen in Loki.



Thor Love and Thunder will be released in July 2022. In the teaser, Thor seems to be going separate ways leading into a time travel movie. The teaser ends on a high note with Thor fighting with Mjolnir still intact unlike when he was forced to give it up at the end of Infinity