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Truecaller has released its new version with several new features including video caller ID, ghost call, call announce and so on. In addition to these, the caller ID platform has also brought back its call recording feature for users in India. This feature will allow users to record incoming and outgoing calls.

For the unversed, the Video Caller ID feature lets users record a short video message that plays automatically when they call their friends and family, basically the phonebook contacts. These selfie videos can be pre-loaded templates or original videos. It will only work for users’ phonebook contacts and verified business calls.

As per the company blog, “Ghost Calls allow you to schedule a fake call in advance to get away from real-life scammers or just take a break. You decide on the name, number and profile picture, or you can choose from someone in your contacts.”

Do note that these features are just available for Android users. The company has not confirmed if they will be available for iOS users anytime soon.

Steps to record calls via Truecaller on Android phones

1: Go to the phone ‘Settings’ and select ‘Accessibility’

2.  Tap on ‘Truecaller call recording’

3. Turn on the toggle in front of the ‘Use Truecaller Call Recording’ option

You can also choose to have a shortcut to record these calls. You can also choose to disable the same by following the same steps. Notably, if a user is recording your call, you will not get notified of that. This also applies to the vice versa cases.

These recorded calls can be stored locally on the devices and can be shared via email, Bluetooth or any other messaging service.

In addition to these features, Truecaller has also introduced separate tabs for calls and SMS. As per the company, these interface change is aimed to declutter the UI. It will allow users to keep track of calls and SMS from their home screen of the app.