TVS Motor Company and Jio-bp team up for launching EV charging infrastructures in India

Jio-bp has partnered with TVS Motor Company to create a robust EV charging infrastructure in India for three- and two-wheel-powered electric vehicles. Customers of TVS’s electric cars will be able to access the Jio-bp charging network, which also opens to other vehicles, under this agreement.

The companies released a statement stating that the collaboration aims to create a DC fast charging network as well as an AC charging network. The companies released a statement stating that the partnership will create seamless customer experiences on TVS Motor, Jio-bp and other apps.

Jiobp operates its electric vehicle charging and switching stations under the name Jiobp pulse. Customers can search for nearby stations and then charge their electric cars with the Jiobp pulse app

TVS Motor Company sold more than 12,000 units its electric scooter TVSiQube. This company will be competing in the segment with other new electric vehicle brands like Ola Electric and Ather Energy. TVS iQube is a cheaper package than the others.

TVS Motor Company has provided Rs 1000 crore for EV businesses. TVS Motor Company is currently developing a range of three and two-wheelers with a power output of between 5 to 25kW. TVS says that these products will all be available on the market in 24 months.

TVS Motor Company was third in sales of EV brands for FY22. It sold 18,04,542 2-wheelers, including ICE-powered ones. TVS sold 17,054,443 units in FY21. In FY22, TVS had an over 15% market share. Company can expand its market share in the saturated ICE market by introducing new EVs.



Jio-bp, a start-up company that has built a charging infrastructure in India for electric vehicles, has partnered with TVS Motor Company to create the network. They are building an AC and DC fast charging network. TVS Motor Company sold 12,000 units of their electric scooter TV