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Clubhouse was an audio-based chat site that launched last year. It became so popular that other social media platforms wanted to replicate it. After recently introducing Spaces, Twitter has become a popular social media platform. This allows people to talk and engage with each other in “interactive podcasts”.

It allows for healthy debates on pertinent topics and encourages each other to have constructive discussions. With the Twitter new feature, you can easily participate in, listen to and start such conversations. But, how? Continue reading to learn more.

How do you start Twitter Spaces for Android and iOS?

Both iOS and Android users can currently access the Twitter Spaces feature. The feature has yet to be available to all users, but it is likely to become widely accessible very soon. Here’s how you start voice chats to spark conversation.

First: Download the Twitter app for iOS and Android. You have two options to begin audio-based conversations.

Step2 The second method is to press long on the “compose tweet” icon on your screen, then select the Spaces icon at the left side of the app. This icon is made up of multiple circles and forms a diamond.

Image: Spaces/Twitter

Step 3 The second way is to tap on the DP at the top-left corner. The Fleets section (Twitter’s Instagram Stories version) is located here. After you’re done scrolling, the Spaces option will appear. Click on it.

Step4 Once you’ve selected Spaces, the mic will automatically turn off. Choose the “Start Your Space” option. Switch on your mic and tap View Captions. You will see captions. Add description and a name.

Keep in mind that Twitter Spaces can accommodate up to eleven people, including the host. The host can decide who speaks and listens. You may also share Spaces links via DMs or tweets with other people.

How do I join Twitter Spaces for Android and iOS?

It is easy to join Twitter Spaces. Although you will not be granted permission to speak at first, you may request it. The Host then can allow you to participate in the conversation and give you the opportunity to ask questions. How to Join Twitter Spaces

First: Open the Twitter app for Android and iOS.

Step2: All ongoing Twitter Spaces created by followers will appear at the top-most of the Twitter App, which also houses all Fleets.

Step 3 – You can tap the icons to select which ones you want.

Step 4 – Now you will need to choose the “Join this Space” option. After this you’ll be connected to your account and be able listen to conversations.

Step 5 – If you wish to speak, please request access to the microphone. The Host will allow you to speak during chats if accepted.

Twitter Spaces will also be available on the desktop version of the platform. We don’t know the exact date, but we do not know when. Let us know if you’ve had the opportunity to use it.