Twitter Spaces: Where to begin? Join the Audio-Based Clubhouse Alternative

Last year, Clubhouse, an audio-based chat platform came into being and became popular enough for social media platforms to copy it. Twitter is now one of the copiers after recently introduced Spaces, for people to engage in the “interactive podcasts” and talk about stuff.

This makes way for debates and healthy discussions on relevant topics with each other. You easily listen to, start, and be a part of such conversations with the help of the new Twitter feature. But, how? Keep on reading to find out just that.

How to start Twitter Spaces on Android, iOS?

Currently, both Android and iOS users have got hold of the new Twitter Spaces feature. However, the feature is yet to reach all and is expected to arrive pretty soon. Hence, here’s how to start the voice chats so that you can spark a conversation:

Step 1: Open the Twitter app on Android and iOS. There are two ways to start audio-based chats.

Step 2: The first method involves you to long-press on the ‘compose tweet’ icon present on the screen and then selecting the Spaces icon in the left portion of the app. The icon is a diamond formed by multiple circles.

twitter spaces

Image: Spaces/Twitter

Step 3: The second method is by tapping on your DP in the top left corner. This is the Fleets (Twitter’s version of Instagram Stories) section. Once done, you need to scroll to the right to find the Spaces option. Tap on it.

Step 4: Once you have selected the Spaces option, your mic will be off by default. Select the ‘Start your Space’ option. Then, switch on the mic, tap on View Captions to see the captions, add description and name, and you are now a Host of the Twitter Space.

A few things to keep in mind is that Twitter Spaces allow for up to 11 people (including the Host). You can choose who can speak and who can listen, and can share the Spaces link with people via DMs, tweets, or via any other platform.

How to join Twitter Spaces on Android, iOS?

You can easily join Twitter Spaces without much of a hassle. While you won’t be given permission to speak initially, you can request for it and the Host can then allow you to talk and contribute to the discussion taking place. Here’s how to join Twitter Spaces:

Step 1: Head to the Twitter app on your Android or iOS phone.

Step 2: Ongoing Twitter Spaces by people you follow will be shown at the top of the Twitter app, where all the Fleets reside.

Step 3: You can easily tap on the ones that you wish to be a part of by tapping on them.

Step 4: Now, you need to select the ‘Join this Space’ option. Following this, you will be connected and will be able to listen to the conversations.

Step 5: As mentioned earlier, if you need to speak, you will be required to request access to the microphone. If the Host accepts, he or she will be able to talk during the chats.

Twitter Spaces is also expected to arrive on the platform’s desktop version. But, we don’t know when it could happen. If you have got the functionality, do let us how has your experience been.