Twitter tips: How to send voice messages in Twitter DMs

It’s now more enjoyable to use Twitter! Twitter allows you to send voice messages. This feature allows users to send direct messages with voice messages. The voice message can also be sent as a voice tweet and will last 140 seconds.

Twitter Voice tweets will include audio attachments to allow people to listen. Your current profile picture will be included in the attachment along with that static image. iPhone users can tap this file to automatically minimize it and start playing. It will continue to play even after you close the app or scroll through Twitter.

Twitter DMs: How to send voice messages

STEP 1: You first need to visit Direct Messages.

STEP 2: To record your voice, tap the New Voice Recording icon.

STEP3 – Once you are done tap on the Stop message.

STEP4: You will now have another choice. Before you send it out to your followers, listen to the recorded voice.

STEP5: When you’re satisfied with the point and your voice, send it or delete it.

STEP6 is the same as Step 5. You can also send a message to iOS by pressing down on the voice recorder.

STEP7: You can record your conversation here by pressing the icon for voice recording.

STEP8: You must go to the original tweet in order to hear the tweet.

STEP9 (To listen to the voice Tweet, you must click the icon

STEP10: The voice tweet will start after you tap.