Using Google Pay or PhonePe? 5 things to keep in mind while making UPI payments

In India, the number of online transactions has increased by manyfolds over recent years. One of the main reasons for the rise in digital payments is the United Payments Interface (UPI), which can be accessed via smartphone.

But, even if everything looks perfect, it may not be the case. UPI is a great option, but one must be careful. Cyber fraud has increased due to online transactions. It is important to remember the following safety precautions when using mobile apps for making payments to the nearest vegetable bhaiya or kirana shop.

These are the five safety tips you should remember when making UPI payments.

#1 Don’t share your UPI number

It is crucial to protect your UPI ID/address. Your UPI ID/address must not be shared with others. You can use any combination of your telephone number, QR code or virtual payment address (VPA) to create your UPI address. It is important that you do not allow any person to have access to your UPI account through any bank or payment application.

#2 Set a strong screen lock

For all financial transactions apps and payments, one must create a secure screen lock. It is essential to create a strong pin for any platform such as Google Pay, PhonePe or Paytm. This should not be your birthdate, year or digits from your mobile number. Your PIN must not be shared with others. If you have doubts about your PIN, please change it right away.

#3 Don’t click on untrue links, or make bogus calls

UPI scams are a popular way for hackers to trick users. Hackers will often share links with users or call them to ask for third-party applications. These links should not be clicked on or shared with others. The banks never request a PIN or OTP. Anybody asking you for this information over a call or message will be attempting to take your money and details. These situations should not be taken lightly.

#4 Do not use multiple apps

You should not use multiple UPIs or online payment apps. You can use many UPI-compatible digital payment apps. Make sure you check out which one offers the best rewards and cashback, and then make your decision.

#5 Keep the UPI app updated regularly

It is a must for all apps. Each app, including UPI payments apps, must be updated to the most recent version. Newer updates offer improved UIs and additional benefits. Bug fixes are often included in updates. Your account will be more secure if you upgrade to the most recent version of apps.