Waiting for launch of new electric scooter? Here’s why it may get delayed

The electric vehicle revolution in India seems to have hit a pause. Reportedly, the Indian govt is of the opinion that EV makers need to fix what’s broken before launching any more vehicles. The electric vehicle market was witnessing a boom in EVs before March. But recent fire incidents have raised quite a few eyebrows.

A report by The Economic Times has claimed that the govt has conducted a meeting with manufacturers regarding the recent incidents. The ministry of road, transport, and highways called this meeting in order to discuss the accidents, especially with electric two-wheelers.

Update: PIB Fact Check has come forward to declare that there was no such meeting held which will lead to delayed EV launches.

Additionally, the govt has asked electric two-wheeler makers to conduct a voluntary recall for the entire batch of scooters that contained the faulty units. Some manufacturers have already announced a voluntary recall for select units. These companies include Ola Electric, Pure EV, and Okinawa Autotech.

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has also raised concern about the growing incidents. The minister also warned manufacturers of penalties for any flaw in their products. Within days, electric scooter makers started announcing recalls for their vehicles.

The incidents have coincided with the advent of summer in the country. Some of the first instances were reported in late March. EV was even catching fire parked on the road. While the summer heat is showing no respite, we can’t be sure if there’s an end in sight for these unfortunate incidents. The sudden surge in demand for electric scooters may witness a drop due to the faulty scooters.

Last week, Niti Aayog also came forward with its battery swapping policy draft, inviting stakeholders to suggest changes to the policy before it is introduced on a broad scale.



Electric scooter manufacturers recall faulty products. The government is concerned about the recent fires and asks that electric vehicle manufacturers halt new sales until they fix their systems.