Want to avoid a WhatsApp group fully? Here’s how to mute mention notifications

WhatsApp can prove to be overwhelming, even though it is the most popular messaging app. We can get so many WhatsApp messages that we have to mut our chats. Thankfully, this option is available on Facebook’s messaging platform.

What isn’t available, however, is the option to silence messages that include our name. WhatsApp’s mentions allows people to talk to you in groups. You will still be notified, despite multiple attempts.

Don’t worry! You can still mute these groups using a workaround. Keep reading if you want to completely mute WhatsApp group chats.

What can I do to silence WhatsApp mentions?

WABetaInfo is the popular portal that provides information about all things related to messaging apps. When someone quotes you from a previous message or mentions your name, it is possible to mute the notification. This is what you should do:

First: Go to WhatsApp for Android or iOS.

Step 2 Select the WhatsApp group you are most concerned about, even though it is muted.

Step 3 – Now tap the group name to scroll down and find the member who mentions you often.

Step 4 – From the many options available, choose the Message option. This will open a chat window with that person.

Step 5 Tap the name of the person, scroll down to view the Mute notification option. This will allow you to disable notifications coming from this person on both personal and group chats.

This hack can be used to mut individual members of the group so you don’t get any notifications from them or other WhatsApp groups.

How do I muffle WhatsApp groups, chats and group messages on Android or iOS?

Here’s where we are now:

First: Go to WhatsApp from your Android/iOS device.

Step 2 Select the chat group or chat you wish to mutes.

Step 3 – Now tap the name of the chat group or chat you wish to mutes.

Step 4 You’ll see a variety of choices. Scroll down for the Mute option.

Step 5 – You will see three choices: Mute for eight hours, one week or forever. You have the option to choose one of these options depending on your desire to be away from the WhatsApp group or that person.

These methods of muting WhatsApp messages are useful in cases where you don’t want to be part of WhatsApp groups but still find annoying messages.