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Truecaller, a popular caller ID application, helps you identify spammers and stay away from them. Although it is beneficial to have the names of people visible, it could be misleading in certain cases.

If your Truecaller name is incorrect, this holds true. Don’t worry. We will show you how to change your Truecaller username. If you do not wish to be visible, you may also choose to unlist your number in the app. These are the steps to do everything on Truecaller.

Truecaller: How do I change my name? (Android, iOS, desktop)

Step 1 – Open the Truecaller App on Android or iOS.

Step 2 – On iOS, click on the More button. Select the Menu option at the top-right corner of Android.

Step 3 – Here you can find your profile using the Edit Your Profile option.

Step 4 Click the Edit Profile button to display a list of all your information.

Step 5 – Now edit the section containing the first and last names with the name that you wish to display on Truecaller. After you’re done tap the Save button in the upper right corner. Your details will then be saved.

You can also change your Truecaller name via the desktop. Simply log in to Truecaller and enter your information. Next, select the Select Name option. Then add the new name. Finally, hit the Save button.

Truecaller users will see the changes in just a few days.

Truecaller: How can I unlist/delete my phone number?

First: Go to Truecaller on iOS or Android.

Step 2 Select the more option on iOS or the Menu for Android.

Step 3 – Now tap the Options option.

Step 4 – Select the Privacy Center option.

Step 5 – Select the Delete Account option. Next, you will need to decide if the data should be kept or deleted and then finally activate the account.

Step 6 – Once you have completed this step, go to the Truecaller Unlist page.

Step 7 Enter your mobile number and the country code.

Step8 Tap the Analyst button and type the reason for the deactivation.

Step 9 – Now enter your CAPTCHA and click on the Unlist button. Within 24 hours of the transfer, Truecaller will remove your number from its database.

Truecaller makes it easy to edit or delete your phone number. You can correct or delete your phone number by following the steps.

Let us also know how simple it was for you to delete or change your Truecaller phone number.