Want to change or your Truecaller name or unlist your number? Here’s how to do so

Truecaller is a widely-used caller ID app that helps users to a great extent in identifying people, especially spammers, and staying away from them. While in most situations the ability to see people’s names is a blessing, it can prove to be misleading if the name isn’t right.

This stands true if you’re one of those people who have their names wrongly-put on Truecaller. But, worry not. You can easily change your Truecaller name, which is exactly what we will tell you today. In case, you don’t wish to show your presence at all, you can also unlist your phone number from the app if you wish to remain hidden from people’s eyes. Here’s how you can do all these things on Truecaller by following these steps with ease.

How to change your name on Truecaller? (Android, iOS, desktop)

Step 1: Head to the Truecaller app on your Android or iOS phone.

Step 2: On iOS, tap on the More option. On Android, select the Menu option in the top right corner.

Step 3: There, you will find your profile with the Edit your Profile option.

how to change name on truecaller

Step 4: Click on the Edit your Profile option and a sheet of your details will appear.

Step 5: Now, just edit the first and the last names section by whatever name you want to show on Truecaller. Once this is done, tap on the Save option in the top right corner and your details will be saved.

Alternatively, you can use the change your name on Truecaller via desktop too. All you need to do is go to the Truecaller website> Log into the platform with your details> Enter your phone number> Select the Suggest Name option> Add the new name, and hit the Save option.

The changes will appear for people on Truecaller in a day or two.

How to unlist/delete your phone number from Truecaller?

Step 1: Again, head to the Truecaller app on Android or iOS.

Step 2: Select the More option (on iOS) or the Menu (on Android).

Step 3: Now, tap on the Settings option.

Step 4: From there, select the Privacy Centre option.

Step 5: Select the Deactivate Account option. Following this, choose if you want to keep the data or delete it and finally deactivate the account.


how to unlist number from truecaller

Step 6: Once this is done, head to the Truecaller Unlist page.

Step 7: Now, enter your mobile number with the country code.

Step 8: Tap on the Analyst option and enter the reason behind the deactivation or the delisting.

Step 9: Now, just enter the CAPTCHA provided, and tap on the Unlist option. The number will be unlisted from Truecaller within 24 hours after the request has been transferred.

Truecaller has made editing or deleting phone number quite easy with some simple steps. Hence, if you wish to correct your name, enter a different name to remain hidden, or completely go off Truecaller, just follow the mentioned steps and you are good to go.

Also, let us know how easy was it for you to change your name or delete your phone number from Truecaller was!