Want to send Telegram messages in your language? Here’s how to do it

Telegram introduced many new features such as theme QR code and emoji animation. In-app translation is a feature that Telegram recently added to its increasingly popular app. This allows messages to be translated into the default language. This feature is accessible for iOS and Android users. These features cannot be turned on by default, and must be manually activated.

To enable the feature, go to your settings. You will see the Language option, which can be clicked to activate the feature. The translator button will appear for messages that are not in their native language. It supports 19 languages including Arabic, Korean and Spanish as well as English, French and German.

This is how to translate Telegram messages

STEP1: Open Telegram on Android and iPhone.

STEP 2: Next, tap the icon with three lines at the top.

STEP 3: Click on the Settings option in the menu.

STEP 4: Scroll down, and click on Language.

STEP5: Next, toggle the Show translation button.

STEP6: Choose the language that you do not want translated.

STEP7: Join a group chat, or a chat with a friend to exchange a message.

STEP8: Click on the message that you wish to convert to default language.

STEP9: Tap Translate in the pop-up menu.

The app also offers Message Reaction which can be found on most apps. Telegram users now have the ability to quickly react by double tapping on any message. Users can modify the quick response by visiting the settings. To do this they will need to visit the settings. Click on Emojis and Stickers. Next, click on Quick Reaction to change the Emoji.