Want to travel abroad? Here’s how you can link the Covid vaccine certificate with your passport

Noting the importance of having a passport for travel outside the country’s borders, it is important to keep in mind. To commute anywhere during the Corona era, you must follow the Corona Guidelines. A certificate that you have been vaccinated is another essential document.

Each country has its own travel rules during Covid. New guidelines were issued by the central government regarding Covid-19 vaccination. People traveling abroad to study, work, or travel should attach their Covid-19 certificate to their passport. It is also required if you plan to travel overseas for any type of study or work.

These are the steps to connect your passport and your vaccine certificate.

STEP1 – To connect, go first to cowin.gov.in.

STEP 2: Sign in and choose the option to file a complaint.

STEP 3: Next, choose the passport option.

STEP4: Select the individual from the dropdown menu.

STEP5: Next, you will need to enter your passport number.

STEP6: Finally, fill in all details and click submit.

STEP7: You will receive a Covid-19 vaccine certificate and a passport link within a matter of minutes.

STEP8: Download or save the new certificate to keep.

The details of the applicant should match the information used to link the passport number on the vaccination certificate. If your name appears incorrectly on the certificate you will be able to correct it through its portal. You should be aware that the possibility to change your name here is only available once.

Although there is no universal standard for vaccinations, most countries follow their own guidelines. One thing is certain: international travel can’t be done if you haven’t been vaccinated. It is important that anyone who plans to travel internationally has a valid passport and a vaccine certificate.