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Adventurers of all sizes, welcome! We are glad you stopped by our blog. We appreciate your clicking on the 59th Podcast Episode. dnd 5e feats series today we are taking a look at one of the most, i want to say overlooked feats in the game..i’ll get into that a little bit more later. It can still be used if you are in the right conditions. So you’re really good there, today we’re going to be taking a look at Mastery of the Dnd-5e WeaponIt is located in the player’s handbook and isn’t really worth taking early levels unless you have a great build idea but later on it really is and once again i’ll explain why a little bit more so. That being said let’s take a look at the full description here.


This is the most important and essential thing. This means that everyone can do it, regardless of race, ability, or background. This is the description.

You are a Weapon Master dnd 5, and have practiced extensively with different weapons.

  • You can increase your strength or dexterity score from 1 to maximum 20.
  • You can also attain the proficiency with any combination or four weapons. Each must be either simple or complex.

It’s awesome! It’s pretty cool. Now let’s break it down a little bit further in the walkthrough section here.


The +1 signifies strength of your dex. This is fairly obvious. Pick whichever ones closest to the ability score improvement and if they’re at the same point just pick whichever ones were useful to you. In terms of mechanics this makes sense, it essentially allows you to add your proficiency bonus to attack rolls made with fours weapons of you’re choosing. It doesn’t matter what weapons you choose, they can be simple or complex. This is all you need in your start equipment. With that out of the way let’s take a look at my personal thoughts on it.


Do you know of anyone who would be the most benefit from it? Guish wizards are the most honest. It really makes it so they don’t have to stick with that warcaster, class. It’s great, but I think wizard is the best use. Warlock might be more appealing than sorcerer. These would be the best.

If you’re building a strength-based monk or assassin or rogue in general and you really wanted use that larger damage die then this might be a good way of getting proficiency with it, without doing anything else really. Yeah it’s a rough another great use for it actually is if your party encounters a magical weapon that one of you wants use but you’re not proficient with it. This makes it even more useful in combat.


These are my thoughts. Share your thoughts, feelings, and opinions with us. Weapon master 5e i’d really like to hear down in the comments beneath and i know everyone else checking out this article would as well. I wish everyone a happy day, and that you continue to enjoy adventuring.