What happens to a Facebook account after someone dies? Here’s how you can Memorialize it

Nearly half of the global population uses social media. Social media allows people the opportunity to connect with others and share stories, photos, and other experiences. Did you ever wonder what happens to your social media accounts when a person passes away?

Facebook is one the most used social media platforms. Facebook provides special guidelines to people who have passed away. It can be permanently deleted or saved as a reminder. After you create your Facebook account, the option to “Remember” appears.

Facebook will also require you to sign a legal agreement. This agreement will state who will take care of your account in case you die. Facebook will create a contract which will require that you follow all instructions.

These are the features of a memorialized bank account

  1. Memorialized accounts offer a unique way for family and friends to share memories. You can upload photos and videos, as well as post about a deceased loved one. These are the main features of the memorialized profile.
  2. A memorial plaque will be placed next to the name of the person who has passed away.
  3. Friends can add memories to the memorialized timeline based on their privacy settings
  4. All who share the profile content will see it on Facebook.
  5. Memorized profiles cannot be seen in public places like Ads or Suggestions for People You May not Know, Birthday Reminders and Ads.
  6. You cannot access the memorialized account from anywhere else.
  7. It is impossible to alter memories that aren’t associated with legacy contacts.

Facebook: How can you request a memorialized profile?

STEP1: Tap the icon in the upper left corner of Facebook facing down.

STEP 2: Next click on the Settings tab and then click Settings.

STEP 3: Next, tap Memorialization settings.

STEP4: Scroll to the bottom and click “Request your account to be deleted upon your death.”

STEP5 – Click on “Delete After Death”

A person can elect to have their account removed if they die. Facebook will delete all information, including photos, videos, comments and comments, once someone has been notified.