What happens to an Apple Account after the death of a user? Check steps to set up a legacy contact

The Apple Digital Legacy Program is a type of Power of Attorney. A person will be able to decide to whom his digital assets (such as photos, videos, and documents) should be transferred after his death. In this program of Apple, the person has to suggest the names of any 5 people before his death. These 5 people can be anyone. No one needs to be from your relative or family. Apple will hand over iCloud digital data to the 5 people you recommend. However, these people will have to produce the person’s death certificate.

Here’s how you can set up your Apple Legacy Contacts:

STEP1: To use this service, you must first upgrade your iOS to 15.2. If you haven’t already done so, upgrade your phone first.

STEP2: For this, you have to go to the settings.

STEP3: Then tap on General.

STEP4: Click on Software Update.

STEP5: Once you have upgraded to iOS 15.2, go to your Settings.

STEP6: Then tap on the name at the top.

STEP7: Then you have to tap on Password & Security.

STEP8: Now select and tap on the Legacy contact’s option.

STEP9: It will ask you to add Legacy contacts.

STEP10: Here, you can add details of up to five contacts.

STEP11: It will automatically set you the family sharing plan.

Apple’s Digital Legacy program is available for the latest iOS 15.2 users. It is a legal contract for iPhones, iPads, and Mac users. After the person’s death, any one of these 5 people will have to give the person’s death certificate. After this, automatic access to the data will be available.

How to access information after a person has passed away:

STEP1: As soon as you add old contacts, they will get an access key.

STEP2: Your selected contact will need to visit digital-legacy.apple.com to log in with an iCloud account

STEP3: There will be an option where you can enter the access key

STEP4: Your contact will have to upload the death certificate, which the Apple team will verify.

STEP5: Then, the contact will receive a link to create a password for the account

STEP6: It can be used to log into Apple devices to access data.