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Recently, we heard from WhatsApp that the instant messaging app was testing a feature called Animated Stickers. The feature is now available in WhatsApp’s latest stable version. Users can now send animated stickers that look like GIFs to their contacts using the new animated stickers.

These animated stickers look way better than any of the WhatsApp still-image stickers. They are not only more appealing to look at, but also more meaningful to those you’re sending them stickers. This is how WhatsApp stickers can help you impress your family and friends.

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WhatsApp animated stickers: How do you send them?

Step 1. Get the most recent WhatsApp update

You must be running the most recent WhatsApp update before you can send animated stickers out to others. Go to Google Play Store to update your app.

Step 2 – Go to WhatsApp Stickers

After your app has been updated, it is time to install the animated stickers. Open WhatsApp, and go into any of your contacts’ chatboxes. Click on the emoji button next to your text box where you want to type your messages. Click on the sticker button at the bottom to switch to the stickers tab.

3rd Step: Download the WhatsApp animated sticker

To add stickers to your cart, click the “+” icon to the right. Click the Download button on the right to download the stickers packs you choose. WhatsApp currently has 4 animated sticker packs. There will be more. Go to the My Stickers page and see the current packs.

Step 4 – Send your animated stickers

After your WhatsApp animated stickers packs are downloaded, it’s time to start using them. Head into any chat to find the page that allows you to select regular stickers. Scroll down until your pack supports animated stickers. To send a sticker, click on it.

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You have successfully sent your first animated sticker. You can go back to the sticker shop and repeat steps 2 through 3. Or, you could download additional sticker packs for your loved ones.


Step 1. Select “Export/Restore WhatsApp Backup”, then select the backup that you have just created from the backup list. Step 2 Click the “Export To Computer” button located at the bottom. Step 3: This will display a preview all your WhatsApp data, including stickers. 30 Nov 2021

Click on the Emoji icon in WhatsApp Chat. The stickers option will be found at the bottom. You can click on the plus icon to go to the Stickers Store. Sticker Store contains several stickers packs you can download and add to WhatsApp conversations.

Step 1: Android users must first open WhatsApp on their phone. Next, select any chat you wish to use on WhatsApp. Then, go to the Emoji section. 26-Oct-202020

You can open a chat with a group or an individual.
– To add sticker packs, tap Emoji > Stickers > Add .
Click Download beside the sticker packs you wish to download. If prompted, tap DOWNLOAD * file size.
Tap back
Tap the sticker that you wish to send.

Let’s get started: Android users: First, open WhatsApp. Next, select any WhatsApp chat. Then, go to the Emoji icon. 21-Jul-202020


WhatsApp has recently introduced animated stickers, which allow users to send GIF-like animated stickers directly to their contacts. Users can now send animated GIF stickers to their contacts using the animated stickers. These animated stickers look cooler than regular WhatsApp stickers. These animated stickers are not only cool, but they also have a lot of other benefits.