WhatsApp deleted chat: How to restore deleted messages without backup

Facebook’s WhatsApp continues to bring new features to its users. Instant messaging platform WhatsApp claims that all messages sent to it are encrypted from end-to-end and deleted as soon as they are removed by the sender. We delete WhatsApp messages for various reasons and then want them back.

Only WhatsApp chats can be restored if WhatsApp backup has been enabled. It can be turned on by opening Settings, clicking on WhatsApp chat backup, and then tapping Chat backup below the Go to Chats button. This option is available for iPhone users by clicking Chats in WhatsApp Settings.

You won’t however be able restore messages if there aren’t any WhatsApp backups. Here are some tricks and tips to help you restore WhatsApp messages that have been deleted even though you don’t have backups.

Professional data recovery tools are the only way to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages. Google Play Store offers several tools for recovering messages.

The Google Play Store has an app called WAMR that lets users recover their deleted WhatsApp messages. The app can be used to retrieve images, photos and GIFs.

This app will help you recover messages

STEP 1: Go to the Google Play Store. Only Android users can download this app. iOS users won’t be able use this app.

Step 2: Install and download the WAMR App on your Smartphone

STEP2 – A number of apps are listed on the screen. These include WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

STEP3: Select WhatsApp

STEP4: You will be asked to allow access to multimedia files, notifications and other information.

STEP5: The notification history home screen will appear.

STEP6: All your WhatsApp messages and contact names will begin to show up on the Notification History screen, even after you delete them from WhatsApp.