WhatsApp Features 2021: How to restore data, migrate it to Telegram, Signal

WhatsApp’s plans to update its privacy policies has caused a stir among users. The privacy update was supposed to be done on February 8th, but Facebook’s app had to postpone it until May 15 after receiving criticism.

WhatsApp stated earlier that users will be able to view the privacy updates at their own pace and will also display a banner explaining any changes. There is confusion among WhatsApp users. Users are anxious about what cross-platform data will be shared, but the US-based messaging company has requested that users comply with these terms. If users refuse to accept these changes, WhatsApp will not allow them full access. Here are some alternatives for users that are hesitant to accept the privacy changes.

How can I restore media?

Backup all data in WhatsApp. However, before you proceed, you need to remember that WhatsApp data cannot be restored unless you’ve set up backups on Google Drive. How to restore, preserve and recover WhatsApp media data.

You can delete WhatsApp from Android.

Reinstall WhatsApp by opening the Google Play Store

After you’ve reinstalled it, open the app and verify your number.

Once the app is set up, you’ll be prompted to “Restore chats” from Google Drive.

Click on the restore button and press NEXT.

You should now restore all your media and messages backups.

Here’s how to back up Google Drive if you wish to keep your WhatsApp messages.

Tap the triangles in the upper right corner of WhatsApp to open it.

Click “Settings”, then click on “Chats”.

Next, tap on “Chat backup” and select “Backup Google Drive”. Click anything else than “Never”

Choose the Google account you wish to backup WhatsApp messages and click “Backup over”.

WhatsApp: Transfer data to another app

Here are some steps to follow when migrating data from one app to another.

Data transfer to Telegram

First, make sure to update the apps. To import WhatsApp chat to Telegram, open WhatsApp chat and select Export chat from the Contact Menu. You will then be presented with two choices: “Attach Media”, or “Without Media.” Choose the appropriate option and you can choose to import telegram using iOS Share Sheet. Click “Import” and select the contact to which you wish to import WhatsApp chat.

Data transfer to Signal

After installing the Signal app, enter your credentials. After the Signal app has been set up, select the “New group” option. Add a contact to create a group. Click on the triangle at the top of the window and tap the “Group settings” option. Tap on the ‘Group link to turn it on. Click ‘Share’ for a link to the group. Copy the link, then share it with your WhatsApp friends. Signal will not transfer older WhatsApp chats.