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WhatsApp introduced its “Delete for Everyone” feature a few years ago. Facebook introduced this important and useful feature. WhatsApp stated at first that messages could be deleted in seven minutes. WhatsApp changed the time limit to delete messages. This was done in order to make it more user-friendly. After you have sent a message, WhatsApp will not give you the option to “Delete For Everyone”. It takes about an hour for this to happen.

WhatsApp messages can also be encrypted end-to-end. According to the company, all messages on their servers will be deleted as soon as they are sent by their sender. Even worse, the company claims that recipients might see your messages before you delete them. It is true. Sometimes you might see the “message removed” label, after having read the message. Sometimes, this can be hilarious.

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WhatsApp will notify you when a message is deleted. The feature’s function is completely lost. You will have to tell the person who deleted your message what happened. If you don’t delete messages, it won’t be possible to find out if someone has messaged you on Telegram.

This chat is not available on Telegram. This is amazing. It is easy to see if your WhatsApp messages have been deleted. A third-party app called WhatsRemoved+ allows you to view deleted messages. You can find this app on Google Play Store. This app has been downloaded over 5,000,000 times. Keep reading for more information about how to check WhatsApp messages deleted from Android phones.

How do you delete WhatsApp messages?

Start with WhatsRemoved+, then proceed to the setup process and give permissions.

Step 2: You will be asked to choose apps from which you want to receive notification or notice any changes. To continue, select WhatsApp

Third Step: You will next be asked if you want to delete files. It is up to you. You can now see deleted messages in the WhatsRemoved+ app. The app shows the messages.


– Tap “Apps and Notifications” in the Settings app.
– Click “Notifications”
– Click “Notification history”, and toggle the switch next to “Use notification histories”.
All future messages and notifications including WhatsApp messages will be displayed on this page.

To retrieve WhatsApp messages that have been deleted, you will need to activate the chat backup option found in WhatsApp Settings. You can choose to back up your chats weekly, monthly or daily under the Auto Backup option.

Open a file manager application and download it.
– Go to /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases folder.
Copy the Chats file.
Copy the following code to your device’s Databases folder.
Start WhatsApp to verify your phone number.

By entering your phone number and OTP, you can log in to your WhatsApp account. Once you have set up the app, there will be an option to restore all of your WhatsApp conversations. * Click on the Restore option and all your old/deleted WhatsApp messages will be restored on your new smartphone.27-Mar-2020

WhatsApp can be uninstalled from an Android or iPhone.
Log in using the same number as your phone number to reinstall WhatsApp.
– You can now restore messages to iCloud or Google Drive. To begin, tap on “Restore”
All messages restored


WhatsApp messages can be encrypted from beginning to end. The “Delete for Everyone” feature is not available. WhatsApp stores a list of messages that have been deleted to ensure users don’t accidentally delete messages from other people. You can download WhatsRemoved+, a third-party application from Google Play Store.