WhatsApp: How to check all the photos, videos and files shared with an individual

WhatsApp is the number one messaging app in India. WhatsApp is a popular messaging app in India. There are many groups and it can be difficult to track the number of files, photos, videos, link, and links that have been shared. You can view the videos and photos in your Gallery, as well as other downloads. What if all you need is one location and don’t have the time to use multiple apps?

WhatsApp allows you to view all information shared through the messaging app. You won’t be able to find files or photos that you have accidentally deleted on WhatsApp. You also have the option to search for links and documents. You will need to scroll down and find the image manually for media.

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WhatsApp allows you to search for any image in chat and also your Gallery. You don’t have to search manually for the photos in either chat or Gallery. The media can also be deleted, but only you. WhatsApp allows you to delete messages within an hour. After that time, the message cannot be removed for the sender. Learn more how WhatsApp can check shared files and photos.

WhatsApp: Check all files that were shared with an individual

Step 1. Launch the WhatsApp App on Android and click on the chat icon.

Second Step: View the profile of the individual.

3rd Step: Below the name of each person, you will see “Media, Links and Docs”. You can even see how many photos and videos you’ve sent the person. Simply press the label to reveal everything you’ve shared.