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WhatsApp is one the most used apps for video and messaging in India. It’s a little surprising that you do not have a WhatsApp account. It has a simple interface and many features. The app is free, which makes it a wonderful experience. WhatsApp is used by more than 400 million people in India for messaging. It is therefore important that security is maintained.

End-to-end encryption is already available. This means that only you can see what has been sent. It is better to have greater security. WhatsApp provides a 2-step verification option that is not mandatory. It is recommended that users enable it on all apps. This feature will increase security and should be enabled by everyone. If someone attempts to log into your WhatsApp account, and gets OTP, the user won’t have access to it. The user will need to input a 6-digit pin that was created with the 2-step verification.

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WhatsApp asks for your pin occasionally so you don’t forget it. Your email address is also available. The messaging app will use this email address to send you an email link to enable two-step verification. Let’s now see how you can enable this feature to increase security for WhatsApp.

Two-step verification for WhatsApp

First, open WhatsApp. Next, go to Settings.

Step 2 Click on Account to activate the 2-step verification process. The “Enable” button will appear. Click on it to get a 6-digit pin.

Next, enter the PIN. You will also be asked to provide your email address so you can reset your pin in case you lose it.


2FA provides protection against social engineering, phishing and password brute force attacks. It also protects logins from hackers who exploit weak credentials. This greatly increases the security of your login attempts.

According to a new study, 2FAs can be hacked without user intervention. The attack is known as “Man-in-the-Middle”.30-Dec-2021

You can add extra security to your account with 2-Step Verification, also known as two-factor authentication. This is in the event that your password is lost or stolen. You’ll use 2-Step verification to sign into your account. You have something you already own, such as your smartphone.

You can disable 2-step verification in Gmail for others to revoke passwords or reset credentials. You can disable 2-Step Verification in Gmail to maximize your productivity with Gmail. This is an excellent start but not the final step.

WhatsApp can be very secure, but it is as safe as the account you keep. Two-factor authentication can be used to secure your account in the event that someone else has accessed it. 02/01/2022

Select 2-Step Verification in the Security section. Sign in may be required. Choose Turn off. You will see a pop up window to confirm you wish to disable 2-Step verification.


WhatsApp is an Indian messaging app that is very popular. WhatsApp offers end-to–end encryption which allows people to send messages that are only visible by their recipient. Two-step verification adds extra security in the event that someone attempts to login without you permission.