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WhatsApp has many great features, including voice/video calling and last seen. You can also forward label labels, as well as other useful functions like forwarding labels, voice/video calls, forwarding label, and more. It has a simple UI, and is ad-free. It is more popular because of its location sharing feature. This feature was added by Facebook, a Facebook subsidiary. It is available for iOS and Android. It allows you to instantly share your current location with friends and family. Although you may have already used Live Location Sharing on WhatsApp, we can tell that fake locations can be also shared via the messaging app. Let’s first discuss how you can share the right live location with WhatsApp.

What is the best way to send WhatsApp the right live location?

Simply tap the attached button next to your text bar in chats to use the feature. You will find a new option under “Location” that allows you to share your live location with friends and family. The duration of the tracking can be set.

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Both single chats and groups can use Live Location. Multiple people can simultaneously send their locations in a group chat. After your live location has been sent, you will simply need to tap “Stop sharing,” located just below the map card. Let’s now see how to share a fake location via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp: FAKE location in the messaging app

First, download the GPS Emulator App from Google Play Store and then enable the Developer option on your smartphone. Go to Settings > Developer Options, scroll down and find “Select mocklocation app”.

Step 2 Launch the app and type in your fake location using the search bar. Then, tap on the green button to turn on GPS Emulator.

Step 3 First, open a WhatsApp chat, tap on Location > Share live place, and you’ll see that you shared a fake location.



WhatsApp has many features, including voice/video calling and last seen. Forwarding labels are also available. It has an easy UI, and is ad-free. Its location sharing feature is one of its most popular features. This feature was added to WhatsApp a while back.