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WhatsApp introduces new stickers that make communication easier and more enjoyable. WhatsApp has introduced new stickers called “Stand up for Earth” to celebrate Earth Day which falls on April 22, every year.

WhatsApp Stickers are a new way to bring environmental issues to the forefront. They also aim to make it easier to share information about them in an entertaining and fun manner. This is how you can help.

How to Download the ‘Stand Up for Earth’ WhatsApp Stickers

Juan Molinet is an Argentinian artist who created the new ‘Stand up for Earth’ WhatsApp stickers. These stickers can be downloaded here:

First: Launch WhatsApp on an Android or iOS phone.

Step 2 – Select any chat window.

Photo by WhatsApp

Step 3. Select the sticker icon beside the type box. Here are the GIFs and stickers.

Step 4 – You will find an add icon that allows you to download additional stickers. Click on it.

Step 5 Once you have done this, the sticker pack for ‘World Earth Day’ will appear at the top. To access them, simply select the Download option and you are done.

How to Send ‘Stand Up for Earth’ WhatsApp Stickers

Once you have completed the downloading, follow these steps to send your new WhatsApp stickers:

Step 1. Go to WhatsApp and choose the chat window to which you wish to send stickers.

Step 2 Tap the sticker option beside the type bar to select new stickers.

Step 3 You also have the option to select the “+” option, and then select the stickers that you wish to share in the “My Stickers” section.

All users can download the new WhatsApp “Stand up for Earth” stickers and then share them on Android as well as iOS.

WhatsApp offers a variety of nature-themed wallpapers. These wallpapers were created to “show the beauty and fragility of the planet”. You can access them by going to WhatsApp > Settings > Chat > Wallpaper and then choosing the option you prefer.