WhatsApp Payments: How to set up, transfer money using Payments feature

WhatsApp is a Facebook cross-messaging app that allows users to communicate with each other via a simple messaging interface. However, there are a lot of hidden features which help keep them engaged. WhatsApp, the popular voice-over IP and messaging service continues to add new features that provide seamless user experiences. WhatsApp introduced a number of new features after the global pandemic that forced people to travel for over a year. The most notable being WhatsApp Payments. The feature allows you to transfer money via WhatsApp chats to other users. Here’s how to use the feature if you’re not familiar with it.

Setting up WhatsApp payments on your mobile

First, open your WhatsApp account. Tap on the three dots menu in the upper right corner.

2nd Step: The Payments option will be found above the Settings.

Step 3 – Tap on Add Payment Method. You will then be asked to accept and continue

4: A list of banks will appear on the top page. Select your bank

5th Step: After you have selected your number, verify it by tapping verify via SMS

6th Step: After the verification process is completed, your bank details are added to Payment methods

Transfer money using WhatsApp Payments

Although setting up WhatsApp payments on your device is simple, it’s not difficult to transfer money to others. This feature allows you to send money to other people.

First, create a WhatsApp account on your device

2nd Step: Make Payments from the Three-dots Menu

Step 3 – In the lower right corner of your screen, you’ll find the New Payment Option

4th Step: This page displays the list of contacts that you’ve saved to your WhatsApp account.

5th Step: Click Send to UPI ID. Enter recipient’s information > Verify> Enter the amount> Press Next> Enter UPI PIN

6th Step: You can also tap the contact to which you wish to send money

Step 7 – Tap the Attach button in chat to choose the payment method

8th Step: Verify your UPI PIN

9th Step: After entering your PIN, you will receive payment.

10th Step: After you click the button, you will be transferred to your WhatsApp chat. The amount that has been transferred will appear in the chatbox

Noting that WhatsApp Pay is not required for recipients to receive money is important. All they need is their UPI ID.