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WhatsApp, a Facebook cross messaging app allows you to connect with your friends via simple messaging. There are many hidden features that keep users engaged. WhatsApp continues to improve user experience with its popular messaging and voice-over service. After the pandemic, WhatsApp added a variety of features that allow users to stay connected with their friends and family while traveling. WhatsApp Payments is the most prominent. This feature lets you transfer money to others via WhatsApp chats. If you don’t know how to use it, here’s how.

Set up WhatsApp payments from your smartphone

Open your WhatsApp account first. Click on the menu icon in the upper left corner.

Second Step: You will find the Payments option above the Settings.

Step 3: Tap on “Add Payment Method”. Step 3 – Tap on Add Payment Method.

4. A listing of all banks will be displayed at the top. Choose your bank

Fifth Step: Once you’ve selected your number tap verify via SMS

6th step: Once the verification process has been completed, you bank details will be added to Payment Methods

Send money to using WhatsApp Payments

It’s easy to set up WhatsApp payments from your phone. However, you can also transfer money to other people. You can send money to others with this feature.

Create a WhatsApp account on your device.

Second Step: Pay from the Three-dots Menu

Step 3. In the lower left corner of the screen you will find the New Payment Option

Fourth Step: This page shows the contact list that you have saved to your WhatsApp account.

5. Click on Send to UPI ID. Fill in the recipient’s details > Verify> Input the amount> Click Next> To enter your UPI PIN

6th step: To send money, you can tap on the contact.

7th Step – Click the Attach button to select the payment method

8th Step: Verify your UPI PIN

9th step: Once you have entered your PIN, will be sent to you.

10th Step: Click the button to be transferred into your WhatsApp chat. You will see the amount transferred in your chatbox

It is crucial to note that WhatsApp Pay does not require recipients to use WhatsApp Pay in order for them receive funds. They only need their UPI ID.