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WhatsApp, a popular messaging app that lets users communicate on multiple platforms, is extremely well-known. WhatsApp is a Facebook application that allows you to send and receive messages as well as record voice messages and make video calls. You can also upload photos and track where you are located. WhatsApp has more features than the basic ones. To customize your safety and privacy within WhatsApp, you can use certain settings and tools. Hackers are using social media to access data and cybersecurity is on the increase. Here are some security tips to help protect your privacy.

Change your privacy settings

To prevent others from viewing your profile, it is strongly recommended to modify your privacy settings. Change your profile picture, last seen and about to me only or my contact. You can also change your privacy settings by tapping on the triangle at the top-right corner of WhatsApp. Click on the triangle in the upper-right corner. Select Privacy > WhatsApp Settings.

Two-step verification

To add extra security, WhatsApp provides a 2-step verification option. You only need to generate a 6-digit pin code in order to prevent others from seeing your messages. You can enable this option under Settings > Account > 2 Step Verification > Enable If you have lost your PIN, you can add it to your account by entering an email address.

Lock your WhatsApp account

The social messaging platform offers a fingerprint locking option. Even if you have your phone unlocked, this feature blocks others from accessing WhatsApp chats. To enable this feature, go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy. Scroll down until the bottom to click the fingerprint lock button. You can adjust the lock screen and turn on’show content notifications’.

Security device link updating

WhatsApp lets you link your account to your computer. You will need the fingerprint lock in order to link WhatsApp web to your WhatsApp account. An alert will pop up when you try to connect your account to the Desktop using the QR code scanner. If you notice suspicious login activity, it is possible to remove your device from your phone. This protects your account from being hacked. To link your WhatsApp account, open the WhatsApp web app from both your desktop and your smartphone. A QR code will be displayed on the computer. It will display a QR code that you can scan with your smartphone.

Spam: Report issues

Social media sites can send hoaxes. These are the things to do when you receive spam messages from unknown sources. You can report any text sent by unknown contacts as spam. Security and privacy issues can be reported by visiting Settings > Help > Contact us. WhatsApp can be used to report spam. Click on the profile information of the person or group you want to report. Scroll down to the bottom and click the “Report Spam” button.