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WhatsApp has been a top-rated messaging app for years, with millions of users. This is due to its simplicity. The app’s voice/video calling features have been a big draw in the years since Covid-19. Although this app has many useful features, it still lacks a few fun and key features. You cannot schedule WhatsApp messages in the settings section. To schedule messages on WhatsApp, you’ll need to install a third-party application.

WhatsApp’s self-destructing messaging feature is being tested. It is currently available on Telegram. We expect auto-reply to be the third feature in the messaging app. The auto-reply feature is only available in the WhatsApp Business app. It’s not yet available in the regular messaging app. You will need to utilize third-party apps until the Facebook-owned firm adds auto-reply messaging in the app’s settings section.

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You will find a lot of similar apps if you search for auto-reply in Google Play Store. After trying a number of WhatsApp apps, we found that “AutoResponder WA” is a good app to set up auto-reply messages. It allows you to set up your own rules and can even specify who does not want the automatic message. It is possible to choose default contact information and the time. You can use the app for Instagram, Telegram and Facebook. The same app cannot be used to send auto-reply messages.

This will show you that the same function can be used for all the apps mentioned, however, for this to work, another app must be downloaded from Play Store. These apps don’t have to be found on Google Play Store. Instead, you can find the links directly in “AutoResponder for WA”. Other social media apps have the exact same name, but “WA” has been replaced with TG, IG and FB.

You can also download the WhatsAuto app from Google Play Store. You can set up automated messages such as “At Work. Talk to you later”, “Can’t Take Now” or “At Work.” A customized message can also be saved. The worst part about the message is that it also includes an “Auto-reply” label. You can ask Google Assistant for help opening WhatsApp to send a message. Let’s now see how you can use “AutoResponder WA” to send auto-reply WhatsApp messages.

WhatsApp: Setting auto-reply messages in the messaging app

First, go to Google Play Store. Download the “AutoResponder for WA” app. Tap on it, and then tap the Plus icon. It is located at the bottom of the left.

Step 2 Type a message that you receive on WhatsApp or wish the app to reply automatically to. The app will respond automatically to messages that you’ve saved under “AutoResponder WA”.

Step 3 Once you have entered it, the “Reply to Message” option will appear. This name explains what the function does. This means you must save any message that you wish to have delivered automatically to the saved message.

4: Next, you can choose where the app should respond. There are three choices: Individuals, Groups or Both. After you’re done, click on the tick mark to confirm.



WhatsApp is one the most popular messaging apps worldwide. It has many loyal users, and many useful features. WhatsApp does not allow you to set up messages in advance via the settings section. You will need to use third-party apps or Google for scheduling messages.