WhatsApp to stop supporting few devices from Nov 1: How to check if your phone is one of them

WhatsApp has announced that it will drop support for a few Android and iOS devices starting 1 November this year. The messaging platform has advised these users to switch to supported devices and take backup of their chats, otherwise, they will be lost after 1 November. WhatsApp will not support Android devices running on Android 4.0 and older versions starting this Monday.

Starting 1 November, users will need to have a smartphone/feature phone running on OS 4.1 and up, iOS 10 and up or selected phones with KaiOS 2.5.1 and above, including JioPhone and JioPhone 2 to use the platform.

How to check if WhatsApp is ending support for your phone

  1. Open WhatsApp on your device and go to “Settings”.
  2. Go to “About phone” and scroll down
  3. It will show you the Android version your device is running on. If it is running on Android 4.1 or later, WhatsApp will continue its support otherwise not.

Others need to take back up of their chat history if they do not want to lose it. Here are a few quick steps on how to take end-to-end encrypted backups on WhatsApp:

How to enable end-to-end encrypted backup

To ensure the extra layer of safety, you need to turn on the end-to-end encrypted backup feature. All you need to do is, go to Settings> Chats> Chat Backups > End-to-End Encrypted Backup.

Post this, select “Continue” and follow the instructions to generate a password. Tap on “Complete” and wait for the app to take your end-to-end encrypted backup ready. Make sure that the device is kept on charging until the backup is ready.

Users will be able to secure these backed-up chats by a password or a 64-digit encryption key. WhatsApp mentions that if a user loses WhatsApp chats, forgets a password or key, they will not be able to restore the backup. The app can’t reset your password or restore a backup. Users can also turn off the backup via this password or PIN.