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WhatsApp revealed a variety of new features last week. The voice calling function was one of the most important features. WhatsApp now supports 32 people in voice calls. This represents a significant increase from the 8 users who were available previously. WhatsApp increased group voice and video calling limits to 8 during the height of the pandemic. Voice calls will be the only way to provide support for 32 individuals.

Google Android as well as Apple iOS are participating in the rollout. WhatsApp updated its FAQ section on WhatsApp to reflect the new limit. According to the new FAQ, group calling is now available for up to 32 people. They can also use WhatsApp to make free voice calls. Apple users also have the option to make unlimited calls. App Store listing shows that 32 people are now supported by the latest update.

According to the App Store listing, group voice calls can now be used by up 32 people and feature an improved interface that includes a social layout and speaker highlight.

What will happen?

The screen that appears when you get a group call will display the current participants. If you add someone, you will also be listed as the contact. The ‘Calls” tab will display group voice call history. To view individual call participants, tap on the call history. If missed calls are still being held, you can join them.

WhatsApp also revealed a number of additional features last week. Let’s take a look at some of the features that were announced last week.


Both Instagram and Facebook will inspire this feature. In the past, users would respond to messages and other media with one response each. Users will be able now to respond to the same message with emojis. It’s easy to share your opinion quickly without having to send a lot of messages.

File sharing

WhatsApp has increased the limit on file sharing to allow users to share files of up to 2GB. WhatsApp says they do this to make it easier for people to collaborate on projects. Before the rollout, the details of the file format will be made public.

Administration Controls

Administrators will be able to exercise greater control over the group. Administrators of groups will have greater authority to delete problematic or errant messages from all chats. On a later date, the exceptions and limitations will be made public.


WhatsApp has announced that 32 people can use voice-calls last week. It is an increase of 32 participants from the 8 previously. WhatsApp now supports 32 people in voice calls and offers a new interface that includes social audio layouts, speaker highlights, waveforms, and waveforms. This rollout will be happening on both Google Android and Apple.