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WhatsApp stickers can be used to chat with other users on the messaging platform. WhatsApp offers Vaccines for All stickers. These are perfect for chatting on the messaging platform.

The stickers were developed in partnership with WHO. These stickers are very similar to those in the “Together at Home” pack that was released during Coronavirus lockdown last year.

What is the best way to send WhatsApp stickers and download them to friends?

Stickers are an integral part of WhatsApp’s everyday routine. The new WhatsApp Sticker Pack allows people to express their opinions about the vaccine. Here are some steps you can follow to obtain stickers and start sending them out.

First: Start WhatsApp on your Android or iOS smartphone.

Step 2 Open the chat window where you want to send stickers. A WhatsApp Group is also available.

Step 3 Tap the sticker icon next to the type box on iOS. GIFs and stickers will both be available. To view the GIFs, tap the sticker option. To open all vaccines, tap on the “+” button. You only need to tap the Download option and you are good to go.

Step 4 Tap the Emoji icon on Android to choose the Stickers option. Once you have finished that click the “+”, to download your sticker pack.

Step 5 After you’ve downloaded the WhatsApp Sticker Pack “Vaccines for All”, it is simple to get started by selecting the chat and tapping on the sticker icon. Next, go to the stickers section. Finally, send the ones that are included in the package. It is identical for Android and iOS.

WhatsApp now offers a sticker pack and allows users to access vaccination information via helpline numbers. These countries include South Africa (Argentina), Brazil. For more information call India’s MyGov Helpline at +91 9013151515. Send a WhatsApp message and you are good to go.

WhatsApp stated also that it will not charge fees for their WhatsApp Business API. This allows users to easily communicate about vaccines.