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WhatsApp, one of India’s most popular messaging apps is very well-known. The company responded to a demand for dark mode, and launched support for it for its mobile app. Both Android and iOS users can access the dark mode. WhatsApp released the dark theme option for its web site earlier this year.

Inspect Element is a feature that allows you to disable dark mode in WhatsApp Web. We previously did a story about this. This feature has been made available to everyone. In case you’re not familiar with how to access the website of the messaging application, let me first explain. First, visit the website and open the WhatsApp application on your smartphone.

You should watch these five Android videos.

Tap Menu, then select WhatsApp Web. Point your smartphone at the screen to capture the code. You will be immediately logged into the website version of social messaging. The Settings will show you the section for your theme. You will find chat wallpapers in this menu. The company also offers many color options so that it can look vibrant. Continue reading to learn how you can enable dark themes on WhatsApp Web.

How do you set Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web?

First, log in to the WhatsApp Web with the messaging app.

Step 2 Double-click on the icon with three dots located in the upper left corner. Select settings to go to the Theme Section.

Step 3. There are three choices in the “Theme” section: Dark, Light and System default. You can choose to have the theme set dark or light according to your preferences.


Enter the word “dark” in the Search Flags box.
Activated – Click on each option to change its setting. Close the app and restart it.
– Go to the settings menu and select Themes, then Dark.

Do a Google search from your computer.
Sign in to your Google Account to get the exact same Search settings for desktop browsers.
Click Settings at the top of your screen.
Click Appearance on the left
Choose from Device default, Dark or Light themes
Click Save at the bottom

– Click on WhatsApp to open it. Next, tap More Options > Chats > Theme.
Choose from one of the following choices: Dark: Enable dark mode. Light: Turn dark mode off. To match your device’s settings, enable WhatsApp dark mode. Click on Display in the device settings and turn Dark themes on/off.

– On your Android device, open Google Chrome .
Tap the More Settings button at the top of your screen. Themes.
– Select the theme that you would like to use. System Default is for Chrome with Dark theme.

You can also send a message to the app by typing a string.
Select the color or style you prefer.
You will then be presented with different ways to use this text by the app.
– Select the “WhatsApp” option.
– You can send the message to the contact using the messaging app.

Type “chrome://flags”, in Chrome’s Omnibox, and hit Enter to find it. In the Search box, type “Dark Mode” into the field that opens at the top. To change the default setting, click the “Force Dark Mode” box. To relaunch Chrome, click “Relaunch”. 13-Nov-2018


WhatsApp now offers dark mode for Android and iOS. It can be activated by going to the Theme section. This feature was only available previously for the website version.