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Due to an increase in COVID-19-related cases, several states, including Delhi NCR and Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra among others, have instituted temporary lockdowns to stop the spread of this deadly virus. Numerous state governments have encouraged companies to immediately move away from their home to ensure safety and security.

Strong internet connections are essential for seamless working from home. We have compiled a list of tips to help you ensure that your WiFi speeds are strong enough to support heavy tasks. These five simple tips will speed up slow WiFi speeds.

Tip 1: Turn off the router and turn it on again

This is one of the best ways to increase slow WiFi speeds at home. The router and modem can be turned off or on simultaneously. If the internet speed drops, the modem converts the signals to the ISP. For a seamless work experience from home, it is a good idea for the modem to be rebooted regularly.

Tip 2 – Relocate your router

Another way to increase WiFi speed is by using this method. WiFi signals can sometimes be interrupted by furniture or other large objects in your home. It is best to locate your router near where you are sitting and work, or somewhere in the middle.

Tip 3 – Replace your equipment

It is possible for WiFi speeds to drop when your modem and router equipment become outdated or worn out. If either one of these equipment fails to function properly, your WiFi speed can drop dramatically. You should purchase the best router and modem for your needs immediately.

Tip #4: Change the firmware of your router

You should check for firmware updates if your WiFi speeds are slowing down. Update your router if you are positive. This will not only keep the equipment safe but it also solves all speed issues. For a better user experience, it is advisable to check your router for updates.

Tip 5: Set up router’s antennas

Adjustable antennas on routers can be adjusted to increase the speed of your WiFi. Most router antennas transmit signals perpendicularly to their antenna. Adjusting the antenna can help you extend your Wi-Fi signal to more floors.