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The Income Tax Department has given you a Permanent Account Number (PAN), a 10-digit alphanumeric code. It is difficult to get a PAN card in India. A PAN card is required for all taxpayers and assessors who have to provide a return on income.

Any person who plans to engage in financial or economic transactions that require quoting PAN must obtain PAN.

PAN is a tax transaction tracker that tracks all transactions relating to taxes. The PAN allows income tax to monitor compliance with tax payments. Also, every loan received from a financial institution is recorded on their respective PAN.

This is how any PAN card holder will see if a loan has been issued to their name.

Credit scores track all of your lending activities, including loans.

Multiple entities keep credit scores up to date. Financial institutions can use these scores to analyze an individual’s history of repayment.

CIBIL and Equifax are some of the credit scoring agencies that can calculate and track credit scores.

These entities may provide users with the most recent credit scores. It will display the credit card or loans that you have under the name once your credit score has been calculated using one of these credit bureaus.

If you find an unpaid loan or open credit, your PAN card could be misused.

To view your credit score, you can go to the official site of a credit bureau. To get the most recent credit scores, you will need to give some personal information.

You can notify the financial institution if you notice suspicious activity on your credit card.


Step 1. Visit
Step 2. Fill out all required details such as Nature of complaint, receipt number etc. by clicking on the submit button
Step 3. To submit the grievance, click on the submit button.

Once the website is launched, anyone can gain access to the database of central registry. Access to information about the loan status will be made easier by providing details such as the registration number and the address. 11-April-2011

Checking your credit reports is the easiest way to see if you have been approved for a loan. All credit cards and loans issued to your name will be included in your credit report. You will also be able see any loans you have not authorized.

Simply by generating credit scores, cardholders can verify if their PAN numbers have been mishandled. If a loan has been paid, you can monitor the status through CIBIL (Equifax, Experian, or CRIF-High Mark). 1 day ago


The Income Tax Department has given you a PAN card, a 10-digit alphanumeric code. All taxpayers and assesses must have a PAN card. Anyone who plans to engage in financial or economic transactions that require quoting the PAN number is required to also obtain one.