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Xiaomi is a smartphone manufacturer that has been hard at work on MIUI 12, an Android-based in-house skin. Xiaomi currently works on MIUI 12, its Android-based internal skin. Xiaomi actually offers the MIUI 12 update for various devices with different price ranges. Some devices have received stable beta versions of the update in recent weeks. Xiaomi continues to improve the update, sharing details about new MIUI features and expanding it. The company shared details about a “Lite Mode” on its Mi Community forum. The Xiaomi MIUI 12 Lite Mode function will be demonstrated.

How can I start MIUI 12 Lite?

The company posted in a forum that MIUI’s “Lite Mode”, was a simplified version. This forum posting also provided instructions on how to get the new mode. MIUI 12 users need to follow the steps below to activate “Lite Mode”.

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Step 1.

Click on “Settings” and select “Special Features”.

Step 2

Tap the button located at the bottom to open “Lite Mode”. Click on “Turn on Lite Mode” to continue.

However, the UI of “Lite Mode” is very similar to regular MIUI 12. However, the UI for the “Lite Mode”, however, is identical to that of regular MIUI 12. It makes the icons bigger and the text larger. This mode also eliminates any visual clutter. You can quickly find your most relevant contacts and other information from the home screen. Users who feel frustrated with the smartphone user experience can find this mode especially useful. It is useful even for those with visual impairment.

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MIUI 12 can now recognize freely-drawn shapes with its new partial snapshot function

Pay attention to the shortcuts at the top of the screen. These include Camera, Calling and Messages. You will also find an add or “+” button on the home screen. You can use this button to access your contacts quickly from the home screen. Follow these steps to locate the “off” button in Lite mode.


The MIUI 12 update includes Lite Mode, a brand new feature. This mode allows for larger icons and text. It’s an attempt to provide a simpler UI for those who like these settings. 22-Jul-202020

MIUI 12 Xiaomi’s new Android skin succeeds MIUI 11. It brings a variety of visual and UI improvements to all eligible Xiaomi smartphones. The new MIUI 12 features include a revamped darkmode, enhanced privacy and security tools and new animations.

According to a Purdue study, switching between light and dark modes at 100% brightness can save an average 39%-47% in battery power. Turning on dark mode when your screen is so bright can help your phone last longer than if it was in light mode.28 Jul 2021

MIUI 12 introduces a cleaner UI and new animations.

DO NOT UPGRADE TO MIUI12. It is fine for regular usage, however gaming performance has suffered. My poco F1 had pubg working perfectly before. There are now frame drops and game lags after upgrading.

It’s also draining your laptop’s battery, and using up your computer’s resources. You can stop this from happening in Windows by finding the Chrome icon located under the little Arrow on your system tray. Right click on it, and uncheck “Let Chrome run in the background”.08-Feb-2017


Xiaomi will soon release its new Android-based skin MIUI 12. Xiaomi shared details about Lite Mode, a simplified interface that makes text and icons larger to help those with smartphone problems.