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Xiaomi has shared details regarding some new features in its Android-based skin MIUI 12. The company is currently working to roll out the final MIUI 12 update. The company has launched the update for its first wave of Chinese and global devices. The stable version has been also begun rolling out to certain devices in India. The rollout of MIUI 12 comes three months after it was first announced on the international stage. We will now take a look at “Ultra Battery Saver” on Xiaomi MIUI 12.

Xiaomi MIUI 12 Ultra Battery-Saver mode details

The latest online information from Xiaomi shows the differences between the traditional and new modes of battery management. According to Xiaomi, the Ultra Battery-Saver mode “takes battery use and standby time to the next level.” The company explained that the Ultra Battery-Saver mode restricts background activity. The mode limits users to “6 essential” apps, which excludes calls, SMS and network connectivity. The “standby” time can be increased up to 25% in this mode compared with the normal mode. This means your device can be charged for up to 25 times longer than it is in normal mode.

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Users need to go to “Security”, then “Battery and performance”, to get started. The user can see the current battery level at the top, followed by the “Battery Saver” and the “Ultra Battery saver” options. To activate the Ultra battery saver mode, tap on it.

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Another way to activate this mode is by swiping down and accessing the “Control centre”. To enable this mode, find the icon for Ultra battery saver. To manually add it, tap the Edit button in the upper right corner. This mode allows users to add up to six apps in order to keep connected to their family and friends.


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Battery Saver can be turned off manually. You can also pull down the notification shade, and click “Turn off Battery Saver” under “Battery saving is on”. You may also go to the Battery Saver screen under settings, and change the slider from “Off” to “Off”. 05/07/2017

According to the most recent information, Xiaomi has made clear the differences between the traditional and new modes of battery management. Xiaomi has revealed that the ‘Ultra Battery Saver’ mode increases battery life and standby time. It also restricts background activity.


Xiaomi will soon release the MIUI 12 final update to a variety of Indian devices. It also shared details on some new features in its Android-based skin MIUI 12, which the company revealed. Xiaomi started to roll out the final version of MIUI 12 on some devices.