YouTube Shorts: How do you make them?

Google India has officially introduced the YouTube Shorts platform in India today at the Google For India event. The platform lets users create videos of 60 seconds or less. To make it more fun and engaging, they will come with a music library to choose a soundtrack from, filters, stickers, texts and a multi-segment camera that lets users stitch multiple mini video clips.

How to create YouTube Shorts

  1. Open the YouTube Mobile app
  2. Tap on the “+” icon at the bottom
  3. Tap and hold the capture button to record a video. You can also use a soundtrack from music library or other tools like filters, speed, timer, countdown and so on.
  4. Tap on done to preview, once you are finished editing the short video
  5. Tap on “Next” and enter the title (max 100 characters) of the video and choose settings like video privacy
  6. Tap “Select audience> Yes, it’s made for kids or No, it’s not made for kids and choose your audience
  7. Select “Upload” and publish your Short

YouTube Shorts were available in beta in India since August this year. Today, it has officially landed in India. Google India has also announced that YouTube Shorts get more than 15 billion daily views globally.

In addition to YouTube Shorts, Google India also announced that its voice assistant will soon be able to book vaccination appointments. Prabhakar Raghavan, the Senior Vice President, Google, talked about localizing Google Assistant in India and announced end-to-end vaccination booking in India via the voice assistant. The executive explains how the assistant will work detailing how the voice assistant can book vaccination slots in the native language with voice command. “With this flow relatively new internet users will be able to book an appointment in a more guided way empowering them with access to information and healthcare. This is a profound illustration of how technology can bridge gap and access, make a meaningful difference,” Raghavan said.