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Many questions were raised about security in the past after Zoom started to be more prominent during lockdowns. Zoom added 2-Factor authentication (2FA) to make it easier for organisations and administrators to protect their users from security breaches.

Zoom said that 2FA implementation assists companies in meeting their obligations to protect sensitive customer information. Zoom has recently upgraded its encryption to AES256 bit GCM standards and it is now available for all meetings. Zoom 2FA is available here.

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Zoom: What can you do to enable 2-factor authentication?

Sign in to the Zoom Dashboard. You will be asked to login to Zoom’s website portal.

The second step is Sign in to your account to enable two-factor authentication. Now it is time to set up the authentication process to suit your needs.

Third Step: Select SMS authentication and follow the prompts. You can choose to use single-use recovery codes, which are useful for when other methods have failed. You can save these codes on your smartphone or laptop, then simply press the “Do” button.

Alternative to setting up a SMS, you can also set up an authentication application. Any app that supports the Time-based Onetime Password protocol will be required. Two examples are Google Authenticator Android/iPhone or Authenticator Windows Phone 7. If you are a premium user, 2FA can be enabled for all users in your account. Administrators can restore 2FA access if a user is unable to log in. The admin can reset the 2FA settings if the user has lost or removed their 2FA.

Zoom app: How to reset 2FA for a user

Sign in first to Zoom’s website portal. In the Navigation Menu, click User Management and Users.

Step 2 Choose the user you want to reset 2FA.

In the Section for 2-factor authentication, click Reset. Zoom will prompt the user to enter 2FA again when they log in to Zoom.